There is a really good game in there. A really good game that could have been superb.

User Rating: 7 | Commandos Strike Force PC
In the ¨making of documentary¨ the director of the game states that the game is "an unfinished piece of business." To some part I have to agree with him, because the hyping of the game talked a lot about the three characters, and being able to switch between them on the levels. Sure this is true, some levels do feature all three characters, but you will not be able to switch between them all during these levels, but just two at a time (as the third character arrives later, one has to leave etc.) This is probably the biggest letdown of the game since you sit waiting for that ultimate end level were you will be able to utilize the full skills of the three characters, but then suddenly, in what feels like the middle of the game, its over. The story feels like it's hardly started and the game gives a kind of odd and uneven aftertaste.

This does not however mean that this is a bad game. In it's best moments this game sometimes reminds heavily of the Hitman games , especially when you take the role of the spy. And there are a lot worse rule models out on the market then Hitman. The game levels that is in there are actually really good, good mix of sneaking and action, that gives a good feel of pace, sometimes patient, sometimes insane. The only in-game stuff I'd have to complain about is the fade bodies, but if that doesn't bother you, you'll probably like the game.

As for the story, there is one, but as stated earlier, it feels like it never really starts, but then again, when game-play is this good you don't really need a story that good. The game features ok voice acting, except from the Green Beret that sounds quite exaggerated. Good sound effects as well, though I had some problems with sound disappearing from time to time, which also gives a kind of unfinished feeling.

The games strongest points though, are its gritty and dirty, but yet very good looking graphics, which really gives a good WWII feeling. That, along with the games excellent music score gives a very authentic feeling of actually being there.

On the whole the game falls on details, and the feeling that it ends were it should get going. It's worth your money though, if you're into this kind of game, because if you see through the actually quite few flaws there is a really good game in there. A really good game that could have been superb.