It is stealth game but not good gameplay as it is a first peron shooter. And misses the fun like past commandos tiltles!

User Rating: 7.7 | Commandos Strike Force PS2
The Good:-
This game is a very good stealth game. Wepons are good and kool. Sound is terific. Same game touch as in last Commandos games. You can save you progress any where any time. Impresive stealth kills. You can find green beret, spy and sniper as most favourite charaters in the commandos series.

The Bad:-
Game put in first person shooter stealth game. Miss fun and excitement. Sometimes you will become tense and even frustrative. Gameplay is not good as this is a fps. A bit hard. Just three main characters. Graffics are not realy good. bad aiming. You wont find zoom in binoculars and in sniper. Almost missing value.

You don't buy this title. If you are a Commandos fan or like stealth game then rent it. If you still want to buy it then play it finish it in a month and sell it.