If you liked Commandos 1,2 and 3, you will like this Commandos Strike Force

User Rating: 7.9 | Commandos Strike Force PC
II think this Commandos Strike Force is a good game. I had played Commandos: Behind the Enemy Lines and Commandos 2 and is the same game but with a different perspective, a perspective in first person. The game is difficult and is mixture of a First person shooter and an infiltration game. There are missions of infiltration and there are missions where you have to shoot to everything that moves in the PC. So is interesting the possibility of use different commandos into the same mission. This is a very interesting strategic possibility. I only meet a trouble with this game; the graphics aren’t so good as games like Medal of Honour or Call of Duty. This game remembers me Hetman you are be able to finish the missions of different ways, by infiltration or shooting, but in one or other way the game is hard to finish it.