good...and uh awesome?

User Rating: 7.5 | Commandos Strike Force PC
What should I say about this game?

oh I know!

It has generic characters with really no personalities at all! isn't that awesome?!

The single player is well worth buying or at least renting

So what if the enemies blow? They are fun to kill! What more could you want out of an NPC? Well more but oh well you don't get anymore out of it!

If you like war games try it out please it is fun a bit generic like the characters themselves but oh well...RAGDOLLS!!! No they don't make a game good but the story line is fine you know just go in kill some nazis and blow stuff up! How fun is that?

You can switch between characters on missions if the option is available most of time it isn't but oh well that is fine

Each character has a different way to be played

Spy: Sneak around infiltrate what else do you need to know?
Gunner: Run in guns blazing killing as many people without thinking!
Sniper: Kill from a distance and make sure every bullet counts or not...

So yea please don't buy this or rent it thinking you will get an awesome ground breaking game just be thinking (ok a weekend of playing some generic game that might not be worth my time when I could be doing something productive)