Terrible! Terrbile! Terrible!

User Rating: 2.4 | Commandos Strike Force PC
I was hoping from what this game looked like that it would at least be decent if not very good. Sadly, most games these days advertised appear to have great graphics and are put forward as being great! In reality, this is for the most part not the case.

The graphics are very poor. The game play absolutely reaks with terrible control design.

The Sniper mode in this game sucks!

And, the online is terrible and not thrilling at all.

The only two good games online for the PS2 are:

Sniper Elite

Battlefield 2

The others suck!

And even then I wish there were much more options, BIGGER maps for the games listed above. Not to mention a touch on the graphics too!


E. Honda


Capcom wake up! We need Street Fighter II for PS2 or PS3 to be Online! Put the donut down Capcom!!!!

Capcom! I must admit: Shadow of Rome -- Awesome! But no online play....