Commandos Strike Force Characters

User Rating: 9 | Commandos Strike Force PC
Commandos Strike Force is a tactical game based on world war II. I have been playing all series of this game since the first one. This game is really different from the recent versions. The main thing i liked about C.S.F is the graphics and real tactical experience. I love to play this game on offline mode as well as online mode. But unfortunately the Multiplayer Wan server is now closed. I don't know what was the reason. I enjoyed the game in wan multiplayer mode very much. There are many World War II games, but C.S.F is really a nice one. To understand and enjoy the game, one must be familiar with the recent versions of the game.
In Strike Force three Commandos are the main Characters.

1.)Captain O'Brien: Green Beret
He is the green beret of C.S.F. Playing with green beret lets me to play with action. I very like to play with the heavy weapons handled by green beret. Such as machine guns, panzer Faust, mines. He is a good action character.

2.) Lieutenant William Hawkins
He is the sniper of the team. Playing with sniper is all about stealth. You can turn the situation very fast if you play nicely with the sniper.

3.) Colonel Brown: Spy
Spy means to play with infiltration. The spy is used to enter enemy fields and compounds as their fellow. Spy can disguise himself in enemy higher rank Officers and Generals. You can kill enemy soldiers without being noticed.

This game was also good on multiplayer, perhaps the server is now closed.