It wasn`t great but not that bad!!!! you know... it`s just more than 5.7!!! do you here me Reviewer???

User Rating: 7.5 | Commandos Strike Force PC
It wasn`t great but not that bad!!!!

here it comes at last new comando ... but`s fps (ooooo new age men!!!!)

briefly the graphics ain`t good and it`s really bad on ps2 at least on pc it`s not that bad!!

sound design is just right and gameplay rocks !!!
but there is something great in it... yeah sniping is really the best sniping i have ever seen (i`m talking about the effects men!!! just hold down Alt and SEE WHAT I MEAN!!!)

the game is good go and play it because of the gameplay and story don`t be mr-graphic guy yeah it`s bad but not emportant!!!

tanx for your time!!!!!