Just another WWII FPS

User Rating: 5.2 | Commandos Strike Force XBOX
Commandos Strike Foroce is set in WWII. You play as 3 soilders of the same team called Strike Force. You play as a Green Beret, Sniper and a Spy. Though out the game, you play as each, or two to change to other member of the strike force.

The game is based on WWII. You are the Amercian side fighting with the Germanys. So for most of the time your saving the French's butt because the AI in the game was the worst I have ever seen. They always get shot so you have to heal them, but when your done that other guy gets shoot. The enemy AI is a bit better but not that good. Like when your playing the Spy and you walk right behind to see anthor guy just looking at you until you kill the guy in front of you, but the enemy does but up a challage you will find your self switching back to each commando to say alive.

The graphics in the game would have to be the WORST I've ever seen. From afar not so bad but up close they look this 2-D desgin. The design of the of the people is not so good ethier. When they talk they mouths have a hard time keeping up. The voice acting for the Germanys, they was no germanys voices and if they was it was better bad(same with the french) The story line for the voice acting was good it was just the people they hired to do the voices.

In the game all you will be fighting are the germanys and some vehicles. They will be different ranks for the enemys and each one is just as weak as the last. When you play as the Green Beret you will be on small battlefields killing wave after wave of germanys which gets boring after a while. When working as a team you'll be with the sniper for must of the time. The Sinper levels are behind enemys lines saveing allies or also small battlefields with the Green Beret. You won't use your gun as much as you use your knife because it so much better seeing how dumb the AI is, but thats only as the sniper. You met just use your gun to check for men and mybe take them out if they isn't to much. The Spy is the one you will have to play the most which is a real drag. You will also be behind enemys lines but just taking the enemys uniforms wearing them then find a stronger enemy and take his uniform to not risk be found.

All in all the game is good and worth a try but not to buy