An awesome first person shooter with a few dissapointing parts.

User Rating: 7.5 | Commandos Strike Force XBOX
Commandos strike force is a very fun game if you want a quick play. The missions are fun and engaging even if some of the mechanics of the game are only so-so. The stealth doesn't work as well as you would like but if you traditionally like stealth shooters than this is a game for you. The graphics are only okay for a game that came out as late as it did but they are good enough for the game to be fun. The story line is interesting and most of the missions are really fun, made better by the saveing aspect of the game. If you buy this game you will find yourself wanting to quickly get from mission to mission because of the interesting story line. Unfortunately one of the worse aspects of the game is the AI of any commando you aren't actively useing. They tend to just stand and shoot. They don't move or take cover very intelligently and tend to waste ammo while fireing at enemies well out of range. I think that this gives the game a more stratigic element so you have to manage your characters efficiently if you want to beat the mission. The voice acting is terrible but aside from that there is not much wrong with this game. I would get commandos if you see it cheep or just want a quick and fun game.