Commander Keen Episode IV: Secret of the Oracle Cheats For PC

  1. Get Mooned

    In the pyramid of the moon, there are little moon patterns on the floor. when you step on them. Wait a little bit. Instead of reading a book, keen will moon you!

    Contributed by: OniLink5000 

  2. Alternate Debug Mode

    Instead of typing the annoying A+2+Enter, you can add to the command line, ''-nowait''. For example: Keen4e.exe -nowait. This will also pass by all the useless information that is displayed before the opening screen. Now you don't have to type in A+2+Enter every time you want to enter a cheat!

    Contributed by: JGiesbrecht 

  3. ''Boss Mode''

    Press F9 during gameplay to bring up a fake DOS C:\> prompt (you can't actually type anything). Press the Escape key to return to the game.

    Contributed by: Eric_Mushroom 

  4. Cheat Codes

    Items Galore: In game press B+A+T to get an Extra life, 99 rounds of ammo, 4 diamond keys for the level.

    Cheat Mode: In the game press A+2+Enter to activate cheat mode then press F10 and any one of the following codes.

    Effect Effect
    B 1-15 Change Border Color
    I 3000 points, 99 ammo
    V Add 0-8 VLB's
    M Disable Memory usage
    J Flying Jump
    P Freezes\Pauses game
    Z Game Over
    G God Mode
    W Level Select
    E Level Skip
    N No Clipping
    D Record Demo
    C Show Active and Inactive Object Numbers in Levels
    Y Show Hidden Areas
    D, E, N Skip to the game ending
    S Slow Motion
    T Sprite test

    Contributed by: Kung Fu Tiger, Ido Skira, Genchild 

  5. Practice Mode Command Line Parameter

    Start the game with /TEDLEVEL ## in the command line, replacing ## with one of the following numbers in order to enter the corresponding level in practice mode. You will play the level at Normal difficulty with infinite lives and no prompt to exit. Completing the level will close out of the game.

    Effect Effect
    18 Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket
    01 Border Village
    04 Cave of the Descendents
    05 Chasm of Chills
    06 Crystalus
    07 Hillville
    16 Isle of Fire
    15 Isle of Tar
    10 Lifewater Oasis
    09 Miragia
    12 Pyramid of Shadows
    14 Pyramid of the Forbidden
    13 Pyramid of the Gnosticene Ancients
    11 Pyramid of the Moons
    08 Sand Yego
    02 Slug Village
    03 The Perilous Pit
    17 Well of Wishes

    Contributed by: Pleinair 

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