The game that got me into RTS games.

User Rating: 9.5 | Command & Conquer (EA Classics) PC
I still remember when I first played this game.The story is very good and is presented excellently through FMV with real actors.C&C is a very playable RTS game,you'll only need to collect 1 type of resource,and it's plentiful(unlike in other RTS games).Many of the missions require you to build up a big army of units and destroy your enemy's base,but some of the missions are creative and will require you to capture an enemy base to build units from because you cannot build a base,and in some missions you cannot build units at all and have to use a small group of units to remove an enemy presence,or even destroy an enemy base and you will have to use your units as efficiency as possible.There's missions where you can use a sniper and kill enemy infantry from far away and use him to blow up buildings.

The units and structures that GDI and NOD can build and use are:

-basic infantry,infantry with grenades(in groups,infantry with grenades(grenadiers) are handy when you want to destroy vehicles or buildings and grenadiers by themselves are effective at quickly killing infantry and infantry equiped with rocket launchers.
-Humvees that are equiped with machine-guns
-Heavy and mammonth tanks
-Guard towers equiped with machine-guns
-Attack helicopters
-Bomber planes(you can only use them after you clear an area of enemy sam sites).
-Ion Cannon(a lazer shot from space by satelite that will inflict heavy damage on anything it hits).

-basic infantry,infantry with flame throwers and infantry equiped with rocket launchers.
-attack buggys equiped with machine-guns.
-light tanks
-stealth tanks(which are light on armor but can remain invisible as long as they're not shooting).
-defense structures that have powerful lazer weapons
-gun turrets
-flame tanks
-nuclear weapons

The story in C&C is about a terrorist group is trying to take over the world,and they are lead by their leader named Kane,who manipulates people to join him and promises a world of peace.NOD are responsible for bombings and other acts of terror that are occuring around the world.

Some of the story scenes are very dramatic,and villages will get wiped out by NOD's forces,but Kane has a clever way of making people think the GDI are responsible for it and some of Kane's high ranking people plot against him.Kane has plans to gain access to the GDI's ion cannon so he can use it to attack anywhere on earth(even the U.S whitehouse).

Another thing I like about C&C is the stronger unit doesn't always win,for examples,you can use a rocket launcher soldier against an enemy tank,and they can keep dodging the tank's gun and wear down the tank's armor and destroy it,but a direct hit on a rocket launcher soldier from a tank's weapon will kill or inflict heavy damage on that soldier.You can use two gun carrying infantry soldiers to slowly wear down the armor of a tank,or you can run over enemy infantry soldiers with a tank.Flame tanks are weak against regular tanks,but can kill enemy infantry instantly.

When you win the campaign with NOD,you'll get to use the ion cannon and you can choose if you want it to hit the Whitehouse,a famous building in London(I forgot it's name),Eiffel Tower and another famous landmark that I forgot it's name).The FMV gives a good life like feel to the story scenes,with actors doing a good job of acting out the roles of the characters,the dialogue is good,and you can see a lot of detail in the command area of the bases.I like the scene that combines CGI and FMV where NOD people try to hack into the ion cannon and get taken into an artificial reality where they're controlling flying spheres and are trying to fly to get past the system's defences and everytime one of the spheres gets shot or crashes into something,you'll see the person who was controlling that sphere get electrocuted outside the artificial reality while they're sitting on some chair.

I like how when Kane spoke,he always seemed calm and composed and as if he was scheming,while the GDI general acted panicy and impatient.

The music during missions suited the atmosphere of a modern battlefield and it is chilling at times too.When you win the campaign with NOD,you'll hear some great heavy rock music playing.

Overall,IMO,C&C had the best story,gameplay,graphics and presentation for any RTS game at the time of it's release.