An amazing piece of Video-Game History that has kick-started the RTS Genre.

User Rating: 9 | Command & Conquer (EA Classics) PC
Command & Conquer aka Tiberium Dawn is the game that popularised the strategy games & started the craze...that was almost killed this year by the same franchise-by C&C 4 exactly but thank god that Starcraft 2 is on the way so there is still hope for the RTS Games:) So it seemed that this genre was short-lived, only 15 years of activity, something like punk-rock or grunge i don't know.If Starcraft 2 will also dissapoint, then there is absolutely no hope left for the RTS genre to survive & that would mean that Command & Conquer-Tiberium Dawn is not so revolutionary & therefor must be forgotten, no, let's just see what it'll be.
It was developed by Westwood, the company that created this genre in 1992 with Dune 2-Building of a Dinasty but there were needed 3 years for this game to arrive & put the RTS Genre on the map(on GS's map, of course:)Dune 2 had 3 races but this one has 2 & Blizzard seemed to have been smarter to make 3 races for it's AvP RTS title which proved to have the biggest succes.A 2 way war gets boring, a 4 way war is too complicated so the 3 way war is just ritght.This is the first time when we saw the bald baddie Kane, the leader of the brotherhood of NOD in his attempt to bla-bla-bla the Tiberium resources & to bla-bla-bla the GDI(Global Defense Initiative).Each of the 2 Campaigns has over 20 missions+a set of bonus Missions at a separate section in the Main Menu.This game has also cutscenes & a good soundtrack.The graphics are horrible(but that doesn't matter at all) as the gameplay is simplistic & straight to the point-no sidequests or upgrades or complicated stuff like that, just clear objectives.The difficulty rises from mission to mission untill you'll probably require some cheats as it becomes too hard.
Tiberium Dawn has 2 main sequels-Tiberian Sun from 1999 & Command & Conquer 3-Tiberium Wars from 2007.I don't count the 3rd one, the abomination called C&C4-Tiberium Twilight-yes, it sounds super awesome, people can get fooled by the name of the game.All i can say is that the original is the best & i have nothing else to say.It's 100% gimmicks free & comic crap free-everything is radically serious.Compared to the other RTS Titles from the other companies, i would say that C&C ranks up in the first 5 all-time.