This game is an apparent attempt by its maker to milk the first game for all it is worth.

User Rating: 5 | Command & Conquer: The Covert Operations PC

Having had a predecessor that practically made the die from which all later RTS games will be forged from, this so-called expansion pack is a very disappointing piece of recycled work.

Covert Operations does not add much to the Command & Conquer IP: there is no new additions to gameplay, no new multiplayer options and hardly any contribution to the backstory of the C & C series.

Instead, it is nothing more than a map pack. Described as 'challenging missions' with the promotional text on the box clearly reminding customers this is a follow-up to the first Command & Conquer, no other entry in the series could be more hollow.

In fact, the missions are hardly tied to each other, appearing as nothing more than terrifically difficult puzzles with rigid solutions. This reviewer recalled having had severe bouts of frustration with this game, and dubiously enough, this game had the distinction of having indirectly introduced to this reviewer (who was too young at the time) the utilization of third-party cheating software.

(The built-in cheating features in this game - in fact, every entry in the series - were hopelessly inadequate for inept players, and served little more than Easter Egg features.)

If any contribution was made by this game, it did highlight the hideous inadequacy of the game-saving features of yore for gameplay that required continuous trial-and-error.