As good as a Playstation RTS can get.

User Rating: 7 | Command & Conquer PS
Game Review-Playstation-Command & Conquer

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Released: February 28, 1997
Publisher: Westwood Studios
Game Genre: Sci-Fi Real-Time Strategy
ESRB Rating: T for Teen

Story: 30%
Gameplay: 40%
Graphics: 20%
Durability: 10%

Story (7/10)
There really is no starting point to the story, so forgive me if I start abruptly. Basically, there are two major forces in the world in this game. The Brotherhood of Nod, led by the mysterious (and bald) Kane, are a quasi-terrorist group that controls almost half of the planet. The GDI (the good guys) are…well, the good guys. You can play as either.

The story is implemented through cutscenes before and after missions.

Gameplay (7/10)
Command & Conquer is a real-time strategy game, meaning you must control your troops while the enemy throws his at you in an unbearable number. There are many different types of infantry and vehicles, with more and more being unlocked as the missions progress.

Right now, Microsoft Word is yelling at me because of the line with "missions progress". It apparently thinks I'm using progress as a noun, not as a verb, so it wants me to have an apostrophe in the word "missions". I cannot believe that a program designed in 2007 does not understand that the word progress is also a verb.

Anyway…where was I…

Most of the time, you'll start the mission with a few troops and a mobile construction yard. This construction yard can be unpacked anywhere on the map, although right where it starts is usually best. Once this is unpacked, you can build power plants, refineries (to get money), barracks (to build troops), and a lot more. Most missions involve wiping out the enemy.

Graphics (7/10)
In game, the graphics are terrible. However, there are enough cutscenes to make it worthwhile. The acting is done with real actors, and the cinematic graphics are very good for an early Playstation game.

Durability (5/10)

Overall Score (6.8/10)
Rounded Score (7/10)