Tons of Wasted Potential

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This game could have been great, there are just so many ways this could have been a F2P hit, but it seems almost as if EA does everything in it's power to kill the Command & Conquer series.

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Have you tried this yourself? I find it rather exciting than "wasted potential". I'm already in an alliance and on my 4th level. Well, the downside of this is that other players can be extremely overpowered either in a late game or in the early by buying perks from the C&C store.

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As F2P, it's fun up to the point where you lose the 1st week protection. The problem is, once you get hit by attacks from another player, it's practically impossible to ever recover, because there all these cooldown timers and restrictions. By the time you've recovered a tiny bit, you're already under attack again. Also, to get anything good to defend yourself with, you need to research, which requires "credits", which you can top up with real money. Quite disappointed with the game if i'm completely honest.
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I am a die hard fan of C&C, and I like this game very much. u want copies of C&C3 gameplay? play C&C3 then. just like C&C4 if looked at individually this is a very good game.