BORING, just add money game

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This is your typical facebook "empire" builder.

Energy, resources, and for $ perks.


It does not run well (im sure they will fix that)

and its bleeding boring. Do yourself a favor, don't let it suck you in for a couple days, it will just leave you hallow.

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Zero Hour was the last good C&C game anyway.

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Ummm today is my 2nd playing day.. i find it rather awesome. Im i the only one?

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sure It's fun at the start but that just goes down hill with only being able to attack npc's than having to wait forever to attack again.

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I play world 5, I am CiC of Robot House. The #3 alliance on the server. I enjoy killing forgotten bases of high level. Makes the game challenging and gives my army something to do. I think its a good game yet could be better. I like the social aspect of the game. The downside is that this game is basicly a Pay 2 Win game.

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Pay to win games are stupid. Just a way for devs to milk you big time. It's never worth getting into pay to play games.
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The funny part is these games are often called "free to play". These "free" games can cost you more in the long run then games that you pick up on Steam/EB games.