Minus the single player, this is definitely one game for all C&C fans, even those not really into shooters.

User Rating: 8.4 | Command & Conquer: Renegade PC
While there are some issues, this game does a rather good job of making and enjoyable experience for almost anyone.

I'll start off with my complaints about the single player to get them out of the way. The single player campaign has varying difficulties perfect for all skill levels and has a fairly engaging storyline following the GDI vs NOD formula from the original C&C and Tiberian Sun. However the 1p play is very linear and commits one HUGE, and nearly unforgivable sin. SCRIPT BREAKING! Yes, it's possible. If you complete an objective on purpose or accident before the game displays it as an objective in the objectives section on the EVA, it will NEVER count as completed. This means that if you accidentally complete one primary objective early, you will never be able to complete the mission, even though the overhead voice does say "primary objective complete." If you hear that and don't know what you did, go back to your last save or restart the mission because it's already Game Over for that attempt.

Now that I've covered that, I'll get to the good stuff, the online multiplayer. The action really feels like you are a character in a battle on a C&C field. You can rush the enemy base and try to destroy some buildings (which can't be replaced) or spend your time repairing your own base to help the team if you're no good with a gun. With a wide variety of characters and vehicles to purchase and use, which are fairly unique for each team, the possible team strategies are endless. If you're really skilled, you can win by placing a superweapon strike beacon (Ion cannon-GDI/Nuke missile-NOD) on the pedestal in the enemy barracks and defending it until the weapon strikes, instantly destroying the enemy base and claiming victory for your team.

The graphics and sound in this game do a great job of putting you right into the heart of a C&C battle with authentic sounds form the games and, while the buildings are clearly very polygonal and not super detailed, they look like they were pulled straight from the original games, making up for the lack of detail.

This is a game that you have to try yourself to believe, so try it, you'll like it!