My first RTS experience.

User Rating: 6.5 | Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Retaliation PS
The reason I bought this game to begin with is because I watched my older cousin play Command and Conquer on his PC. I didn't have a PC, so I got this. I didn't much care for the campaign mode, but I played the Skirmish mode endlessly.
Looking back, this was not a very good port by any means, but back then I didn't realize how much better it was using a mouse, so I didn't notice. Thats the games biggest flaw: controls. It just didn't translate well onto a PS pad. Also the graphics aren't as crisp, which is weird since the Play Station had more graphics power than more PCs at the time.
My favorite feature was the system link. I could connect to my friend's PS using the Combat Cable (which was a pain to find) and play head-to-head on two different TVs. You didn't even need a second copy of the game since it was two disc game (Allies and Soviets). You couldn't include computer opponents in this mode though, which was a bummer because I was so much better then my friend.
Besides from the controls and the downgraded graphics, this game is the the same as Red Alert games on the PC. I really wouldn't recommend playing it now days since there is so much better RTS games to be had. I would play it again, but only to relive old memories.