Half-hearted and uninspired...A disappointment..

User Rating: 7 | Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising PC
So this is my first Red Alert 3 game. I was happy that I didn't need the original copy of the game to install RA3: Uprising. It doesn't feel like an expansion pack but rather like a stand-alone game. But I think Uprising has left something along the way.

Like, where's the multiplayer in this game?

Even though I get to choose to play 4 campaign scenarios, it's way too short.

The story in RA3 is as campy and cheesy as in RA2. And they still use real live action scenes. Nice. But. The campaign is way too short and there's no really definitive ending. A little improvement there would help.

For an expansion pack, I should forgive its shortcomings. But thinking back on RA2: Yuri's Revenge, this title Does Not Even Compete... The RA2 expansion has a full campaign even though there's only two scenarios...Plus a multiplayer mode...

I should have uninstalled this game if not for the Challenge mode.Its the only good reason to play in Uprising. Challenge mode offers a new strategy to the game. Spent hours playing it. Enjoyed it.

But once I'm done, there's nothing really left to play this game again.

Maybe a skirmish with an AI opponent once in a while..*sigh*...