This time the Soviets will take the battle to the U.S mainland.

User Rating: 9 | Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 PC
Red Alert 2 is another great C&C game.I like how the story is presented and you'll see the Soviets invading the U.S and you'll see the statue of liberty being hit by rockets and countless Soviet forces swarming the U.S and it looks very dramatic and there's even a mission where you can use the Soviets and destroy the Pentagon.

The campaign allows you to play as the allies or Soviets.

Like most RTS games,this game involves base building,collecting resources and building up armies and either wiping out your enemy or doing other objectives.I like how you can destroy buildings in this game quickly(unlike in other C&C games where you can have 20 tanks shooting at a building but the building will be able to withstand many barrages of tank fire and it will allow the enemies to destroy your tanks).I like the units in the games too.There is naval units that can shoot rockets very long distances and the Soviets have blimps that will continously drop bombs on their target until the target is destroyed(but blimps are slow moving and vulnerable to air defense).The Soviets can also build mechanical squid which can grab enemy ships and shake them to pieces or drag allied navy seals to their death(navy seals are swimmers who can swim onto enemy shores and blow up buildings by planting bombs.The Allies can use fighter jets and tanks that can use lazer weapons.

The Soviets once again can build Tesla coils,have big,armored tanks and can use nuclear weapons.

The world in RA2 has a more modern feel than the original RA.The music and talking makes the game entertaining too,the dialogue can be humorous or makes things more exciting during exciting story scenes.

The game has FMV with real actors.

The game makes the cities look detailed and colorful for their time.

I think RA2 is a fun RTS game and another great C&C game.