"Command and Conquer + Cold War Themes = C&C - RA 2"

User Rating: 9.3 | Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 PC
There are 3 universe of Command and Conquer that you must now know because it is very excellent and popular games:

* Tiberium - Future
* Red Alert - Past
* Generals- Present

Red Alert 2 is continue part of the famous Command and Conquer: Red Alert. The Storyline is that the Soviet Union was defeat by the Allies and
Stalin was killed. The Allied Forces named Alexis Romanoff has the new leader of the Soviet Union. He is a man of peace and it want a best future
for Russia. But lately Romanoff is acting quite weird, all Soviet Factories are active and production a large quantity of weapons. Last Intel report
say that a large force of Soviet is coming to the USA at all direction. Which means that the Soviet want to conquer America,but that won`t happen.

The game is fast pace similar to the reset of Command and Conquer games. You can play the Allied and the Soviets. Each of them have up and down in their
fire power and buildings. The graphics are clean, nice and zoom in to see the details clearly. Also the battlefield is within some famous cities like
Paris, New York City, Washington DC, Miami, Hawaii, Moscow, Berlin, and others. The gameplay is simply and cool very similar to his others brothers
in the Command and Conquer series. Also have internet connection to play lan or with others gamers in the world.