Allies vs Soviets, part 2.

User Rating: 8.5 | Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 PC
red alert 2 is a legendary game-considered by some people,the best rts of all time!westwood studios made special games indeed.
there are 2 campaigns-the allies & the soviets-isn't that wonderfull?the action takes place somehow in the 2nd world war.the allies are using the time machine so it's kind of confussing-you really don't know exactlly the time & place-maybe a parallel world,i really don't know...
the music rocks,because it has rock music,lol.
the gameplay is solid-it want's to be as real as's a complete rts-you have everything:ground units,air units,water units,super weapons & gadgets,this game is a must have,i think,for every gamer in the world.
the main character is tanya-the special unit of the allies-a very well trained woman which has the ability to put bombs inside enemy buildings & to blow them instantaneously.tanya has no rival when it comes ground unit battles-she can kill thousands of conscripts,each of them with only 1 shot.
this game is pure epic-in the soviet campaign you get to destroy the pentagon,statue of liberty,world trade center(if you want)'s mind-blowing.
in the allied campaign you have to protect einstein & his laboratory from the clutches of the soviets.everything in this game is dual.good-bad,black-white,west-east etc
there are 20 missions at the single player campaign.the game is very addictive-it's a timelles classic,you never get bored of it.
the super-weapons are pure fun,the kintesense of destruction.
wow,what can i say more?...sometimes i get bored of starcraft & warcraft 3,but i never get bored of red alert 2!
definitelly,the best c&c game ever made!