User Rating: 8 | Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 PC
In this game you have to build your army and destroy all of your opponents. The game has to game modes skirmish and campaign, in skirmish you create a battle with up to eight A.I.. In campaign there are three game modes first is training where you learn how to play and find out what all the building do. Then there are two mission modes where in one you fight as the Soviets to take over the world and the other where you fight has the Americans to survive and beat the Soviets. Every country has different kinds of special weapon like the British can train sniper and the French can build grand defensive turret. Each country belongs to one of the two groups Axis or Allied, and each have special abilities like all Allied groups can build Air Command Center while the Axis groups can build Nuclear Reactors. There are also special building that can be controlled by engineers like hospitals and air fields. This game is very fun and is very addicting.