The expansion of Red Alert 2,Red Alert 2-Yuris revenge brings you to a battlefield that you will never experienced.

User Rating: 10 | Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge PC
But this time the story have completely changed. Yuri, which helped Russians at Red Alert 2,now is a third party
Both Russians and Americans have to encounter wit him. The campaign brings you a new fine story[even missions on the moon]. Player have to fight through ultimate military technology of Yuri while fighting with their common enemies.
Oh....playing Skirmishes in Red Alert 2-Yuri's revenge is more excitable.Manege your oen battlefield wit Allys and enemies as your own and experience the game as you wish. The units gain promotions during the battle and they become more and more effective in battlefield. Although the game is little bit old you will gain a gaming experience like no other. If you haven't played it yet,this the game you must play next.........