2010 and people are still playing multiplayer!!! its a masterpeice, good in single too

User Rating: 9.5 | Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 PC
Single player modes are good and fun, the cutscenes are fun too with hot chicks and familiar actors camping the story up, the missions are not too hard (till later missions) or easy and are pretty varied enough as not to get you bored and you get 2 factions to play through so its worth the money, and they are a good way to get to know each of the units pros and cons ready for multiplayer.

the multiplayer is were it really stands the test of time, with it being the standard maps or all the mods, you can even make your own maps and use them. You never really get sick of the game, well you do get sick of losing, but once you start to master the units and factions and learn the maps this is one of the best fast paced multiplayer RTS's ever made.

every unit is usefull against another unit, its like a game of chess, if the opponent masses 1 type of unit you can counter with another set no matter how big or small.

Theyve really thought about each unit being usefull and there are hardly any redundant units, although there are some slight balancing issues with the SOVS bread and butter tank being a little overpowered compared to the Allieds main tank, which leads to massing of SOV tanks and alot of people "auto-Soving", but a good allied player can hold this off with ingenuity and skill and TECH-UP then it evens out.

The graphics are good, 2D, top down, none of this feild of sight rotation crap in like in 3D games, which never gets used anyway.
its got a nice style graphically, all the units are pretty distinguishable, have nice little animations and sounds to them, the maps are detailed enough and you dont get bogged down with too much detail and shading like in most 3D RTS games.

its amazing to see that in 2010 people are still playing this game, theres still a community, theres a website "XWIS" and busy forums dedicated to this game, there are still monthly ladder competitions, and new maps have been added to the roster lately.

Ive got RED ALERT 3 and its ok with all its flashy graphics and everything but to the core RED ALERT 2 is a better game in multi, it keeps me going back, in fact i wanna play it right now!!