What Yuri's Revenge?There is no such thing as Yuri's revenge here,it's more like...Yuri's Defeat part II.

User Rating: 7 | Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge PC
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Yuri wants to conquer the world with his own forces.
Zis is teh expansion of Red Alert 2.In the previous game Yuri in the Soviet side has been defeated by the Allies & now he has split up from his fellow Soviets & created his own army....his own freak army,made of freaks & monsters!He wants to conquer the world with his Psychic Powers that control others minds.Now there are new units like Battle Fortress,Robotic Tanks,Anti-Tank soldiers etc at the Allies, Boris, Siege Chopper, Battle Bunker(building) etc at the Soviets & the Fresh New Yuri Army that can be controlled only in Skirmish Battles...damn it!
At the end of this game,Yuri will be defeated again & you will never control his army during the Single Player Campaing Missions,there should have been 3 campaings here or...only 1-The Yuri Campaign.I don't know what EA & Westwood were thinking...maybe Yuri(Udo Kier) has controlled their minds in a bad way.
Yuri's army has Flying Saucers,lots of Psychic units,Brutes & a Slave ore Miner that is not so efficient like the other 2,it gathers a relative low ammount of ore,minerals.The super Weapon of Yuri's base is the Psychic Dominator that damages buildings & converts enemy units into your own units.
The graphics are outdated.The music is good,it's industrial like in the previous game.The cinematics are cheesy but nicely done.The game moves sometimes in slow-motion on the modern PC's when a building is destroyed.The Kirov Airship is still the best unit even in this game.
Red Alert 2 is better than this game,i find this one to be somehow a little annoying & lacking in originality but ultimately it's great because it's the swan song of Westwood company.