Can super fun multiplayer really brought down by the terrible plauge of this games single player. Find out.

User Rating: 7.5 | Command & Conquer: Generals PC
First off, some people may disagree when I am saying that this is the best in series. However, my review focuses mainly on the
multiplayer side of this game. The singleplayer is bland and a bit unnecessary and lets the game down, with most missions lacking in variety beyond, destroy enemy base or protect friendly base. The campaign does succeed in teaching players new the genre. The skirmish mode is fun to a point of moving on from a seemingly stupid ai (easy, normal) to a much, much harder ai (hard). The steep difficulty curve in the skirmish mode is really annoying.

With that out of the system, I shall move on to multiplayer. The factions themselves are balanced quite well. Not leaving much room for unfair play. When playing with bots, the difficulty system is much the same as skirmish, but if your teaming up with a mate, it makes for some very fun and tense gameplay. I play with a friend most of the time, and we play against two, sometimes three hard armies. I'm not saying that we don't get our arses handed to us most of the time, but the game is genuinely fun.

A problem is, when you've played this game for a while, the factions become boring. You know your way around each of the different generals, you know the weaknesses and strengths. Don't be alarmed though, there is a rather simple cure.

If you are going to buy this in anticipation of the new C&C Generals game, or just because you like RTS games, I highly recommend getting the Zero Hour expansion pack. It adds nine new generals, each with their own units and new abilities.

To sum it up this game has pretty lamesauce single player (yes I just said lamesauce), but the multiplayer rectifies this wrong doing. I gave it a 7.5 because single player is an important feature of any game. Had the multiplayer been terrible as well, I wouldn't even bother writing this review.If you enjoy single player gaming and RTS's, you should buy one of the other titles in the series. But the real reason you should buy this game is for the multiplayer.