should be rubbish...but just isn't.

User Rating: 9.5 | Command & Conquer: Generals PC
when i first saw this game i thought "oh no, another one...AND NOT EVEN FROM WESTWOOD!!!" so i sought other games at the time. when it was released though and chewed through the demo, i ate my own........hat.
the vanilla version of the game was good, then it was patched to fix bugs and add some new units and i thought it was really good, then i found out people were making almost an unnecessary amount of mods for it and i went "woohoo!"
the story is...well, a story. the gameplay is classic C&C, either tank rush or turtling. and they have a mix of modern military units that exist, and some that just wont. like all the tanks are pretty basic, the troop carrier then the overlord tank..hhmm slightly made up.
there are three sides, the USA, China and the GLA (terrorists). as you would expect, USA favours air power and powers, China favours tanks and nukes and the GLA go for stealth and suicide bombings.
it really gets going if you can find a good mod for it. there are loads out there, some just add new units, some add revised old units and a few are almost total overhauls, changing everything from buildings to general powers. the best one ive used so far would have to be the modern combat mod coupled with total combat (same devs) so you have 3 new sides to choose from and makes it more like a high graphic RA2.
i will make a seperate review of Zero Hour as i class them as two different games.