good game with fun and smooth gameplay, but not special or very impressive

User Rating: 7.5 | Command & Conquer: Generals PC
Essentially, it is a resource gathering game that you can improve with battle experience. There are all of old stuff: collect resources, build structures, build army and finally destroy enemies. But this game adds a new level of fun to the game because it can be closely related to real life. The armies are great, the skirmishes being just like what you would expect form Command and Conquer. Set in the not-too-distant future, Generals finds the U.S. and China struggling to fend off the threat imposed by a reprehensible terrorist organization called the GLA. Each side gets its own seven-mission campaign.
The USA is great at being filed with high specialised troops and high-powered weaponry. The Chinese are great at being a giant steamroller type army that can have hundreds of troopers and tanks. The GLA is great for hit-and –run attacks, specialising in stealing enemy equipment and troops.
Gameplay is good and runs smoothly. It has some nice features like the "general" part of it. You gain the experience with battles and The more experience you gain, the more bonuses you can get. (like free cash, paratroopers, special units, etc.) There are quests to earn experience too. The veterency factor like many C&C games is a excellent feature. Air fields and all airplanes are lots of fun to use. The super weapons are both annoying and nice.
The graphics are really good for early 2003. The buildings are nice. The vehicles are ok. The terrain is very good. And the explosions are excellent. The sound is average, nothing special. The musics fit's the game well. The weapons fire is good. The unit speech is standard C&C.
Overall, Generals is not very different with other RTS games but still it's fun and I think it's a must play for RTS fans.