Probably the best strategy game on the PC, it finally brings trully worthy multiplayer to C&C series.

User Rating: 9 | Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour PC
This is the best game EA ever created !!!

When Generals came out, it was a revolution for strategy games on the PC. Generals where the most reallistic and the most good looking game on our computers. I'am still playing it with joy to this very day. It packs the best C&C multiplayer up to date, and you really have to use your tactics and your brain to defeat the enemy. There are just so many different generals with drastically different gameplay strategies, that makes this game trully remarkable.

Its singleplayer campaign is not very exciting, but who cares ? Looking at the other attributes of this game, the campaign really doesn't matter. This game came out back in 2003, and there are still so many people who are enjoying it to this very day (I'm one of those). The only thing stopping this game from getting a pure 10/10 is the lack of naval battles, just like it was in the original Generals, but that is full forgivable due to other beauties of this game. This is a classic and a must play for anyone who likes strategies. It is the foundry of all later strategies on PC, as we can see today all new RTS games are stealing superweapons and other units from this game. One of the best expamples is the new Tiberium Wars, which only good points are those taken from this game. For all the rest of RTS, rule is the same ! They take stuff from Generals, but they never implement as good as it was here. For me, this is just another thing that goes to support the quality of this game.

But that is not all, actually there are some really wonderfull things in this game, and that is its ballance. One of the greatest flaws of RTS games, is actually when they are not well ballanced, well this game is totaly different story. On the first run you could say Generals Zero Hour is unballanced, buy after playing 100 matches, you get really amazed by how well balanced this game is, and all of those subfractions too. This is something i have never seen in any other RTS, so if for example you go for ''Air Force General'', there is no chance in hell enemy is going to beat you unless they take ''Laser Weapons'' general or if they are playing with some other general, they must go for massive anti air. As I said before this may seem unbalanced, but actually it is fantastic, and makes this game the most reallistic RTS yet - that is what I liked the most in Generals ZH. It is not like in other strategies, where it doesnt't matter at all what race u are going to use, in Generals, it matters.