Best looking game in the Command And Conquer series!! This package will provide you with gameplay for Hours!

User Rating: 9.4 | Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour PC
Gameplay- Gameplay is intense with lots of Tanks , Fighter Planes , Soldiers at your Command! You play as a General and as you increase in your Rank , you get backup or special support.

Graphics-They are great. The explosions are big and look realistic!

Sound- The soundtrack isn't so bad! Some fits the scene but some doesn't but overall it is great!

Value- This game is worth buying because of the addtional stuff that u get of this EXpansion pack! There is also an intense ONLINE play

Overall I think this is the Best RTS game outthere! The gameplay is not soo confusing and its easy to pick up! The system requirements aren't very big and doesn't demand powerful Computers! Hell I can even play with my OLD 500MHZ Pentium 3 , 128MB RAM , and the Geforce FX5600 129MB computer! Don't get me wrong now i hav a powerful computer! The differences aren't soo big!