EA makes the worst RTS game in years. An absolute insult to the fans, genre, and franchise.

User Rating: 1 | Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight PC
Before I completely crap all over this game let me say what was done correctly. The engine is fast and snappy. The art direction is polished. The cut scenes have Kane returning which is great.

Ok... *deep breath*

There is no base building.

There are no resources in the game of any kind. A player can spam top level units no matter what all the time at no cost.

There is a unit cap that seems to max out around six or so units TOTAL for a whole army.

Every player only has access to air units, tanks, or infantry. You don't have access to all three.

The tech tree can be maxed out in about two minutes or less.

All the units are extremely weak leading to pathetic little battles where six units on one side sissy slap six units on the other and victory is determined by which side gets bored first.

Everything is mobile so there is no incentive to hold onto a bit of ground to the death.

Even having ALL of your units and structures destroyed doesn't mean you lost. You can come back in a minute or so and build a maxed out army about two minutes after being annihilated.

There really aren't any super weapons to speak of and what super weapons there are don't matter since everything is moving around so much.

In short: This is the worst RTS game I've seen in years and whoever is responsible for the direction this game took needs to not be involved in any more decisions of any nature. The sort of mind that did this would screw up grilled cheese.

Further, whatever EA's beta testing system is can't be working because there is no way that alpha to say nothing of beta would have looked at this game as a good idea. This game makes less sense then a submarine with a screen door. Lots of people had to have pointed out this was a huge mistake at several important steps. To ignore that along with everything else speaks of serious problems at EA.

The game is unbelievably bad. Literally the only reason to even look at this game is to marvel as it's awfulness.