Very difficult, very rewarding gameplay in an awesome comic book world.

User Rating: 7.5 | Comix Zone X360
I saw this game on XBLA and instantly remembered it from the one time I played it on PC. I bought it of course and booted it up.

Now, I remembered the game being hard, but jeez! You get hurt for punching obstacles! And you HAVE to do that! Your health bar is more of a stamina bar because you lose health for nearly anything, in fact, let me compile a list:

using your special
attacking an enemy whos blocking too much.
hitting obstacles.
walking into doors.

And theres one pickup (the "?" mark) which either has yummy delicious loot, or a bomb. Yay.

The combat is satisfying, if not a little difficult. You use one button for all attacks (and another for specials) and you use different directions to kick, uppercut, etc.

Another thing worth noting is the Rat named Trash (I think) that Sketch carries around. When you let it go, it can find items, secret doors and levers, and stun enemies. Thought beware, some enemies will attack and "kill" the rat.

The graphics seriously look like an animated comic book, complete with little scraps of paper flying every time someone gets hit. when enemies (or you, which happens A LOT) die, you turn into a basic sketch and get erased. Its very interesting the way they treat it. You even jump through panels.

The sound is generic, few voice effects and nothing special, but it does its job.

The Story, while bare bones in the purest sense of the word, is about a struggling comic artist (Sketch Turner) who gets sucked into the comic world by an evil villain from his comics so the villain can become real. Yeah... how does that work exactly? Umm... good question. Oh well, it gives you a reason to beat people up, so Im cool with it.

In conclusion, if you like blisteringly difficult brawlers and comic books, you will love this game. Even if you dont, its worth at least trying.