This game is pretty alsome. I remember me and my dad playing it when i was 5. But i was farilydissapointed.

User Rating: 8.5 | Comix Zone X360
The game was pretty good on the pc. I was pretty excited when i saw it in the arcade menu. So i downloded it. Hoping they fixing a few glithces. But sadly they did not. The monsters still go out of the comic scence so you cant hit them. Sometime's your carecter lags so you cant see him. But the thing that really sucked was that you still lost health for kicking/breacking things. I always hated that, you lose over half your health. But other than that this is a pretty good game. The grapics are ok (for a game that came out in 1998)
The gameplay is pretty good. I remember spending hours playing this game when i was 5. But the lag,glitches, And losing health to stupid ways keeps this game from becoming great.

P.S If you dont what to lose alot of health kicking down doors. Just hit B instead. You dont take as much damage : ) Hope this help[ed!