The definition of Awesomeness and Style.

User Rating: 9.5 | Comix Zone GEN
Great game, a Genesis classic beat them up which requires skill, learning and common sense. One of the best graphics interface for the Genesis. Great artwork feels like you're really inside a comic book and a soundtrack that you would be surprised that it came from a 16 bit system.

Although the game is short, you definitely won't beat it the first play through as the game needs learning of every pathway, enemies, traps and anything that screams "Problem" on your way. Sketch, the hero of the game, uses stylish Kung Fu moves to defeat your enemies and the combat system of Comix Zone opens possibilities for performing many combos.

Comix Zone may had been late in its release, and maybe obscured by the beginning of the new generation consoles. But it is definitely a good addition to the Genesis library and it is worth playing if you want a game with it's own style, good music and different from anything you ever seen.