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User Rating: 9.6 | Comix Zone GEN
This game is so under-rated it just makes me a little sad. I remember buying this game back for the Sega Genesis from Wal-mart way back when. Definatly a strange fighting game, but a very fun twist with interesting levels and monsters

Solid. Easy to pick up and play, yet has a decent amount of depth. Combos, punches, kicks, throws, blocking and counters. This game definatly had it going on in the combat section. Smooth gameplay with very interesting comic book type transistions. It got frustrating in points though, some levels were very difficult to finish, but if you are in to challenges then it should be no problem.

Considering it's orginal creation was for 16 bit consoles, this game holds up fairly well. The art work is very interesting and is able to be appreciated. The models have character, as does every frame and page turn you experience.

Voices, decent music, good combat sounds...what more can you really ask for?

Worth it. This is a classic game that really did not get enough exposer, much like Mario RPG

I love it, and I am glad it came out again for the Wii.