A kind of Herzog Zwei but cant directly interact with troops. Its also short in single campain. Im hoping for some DLC.

User Rating: 8.5 | Comet Crash PS3
long ago on the Sega Genises there was Herzog Zwei. A great strategie game. I would have gotten it if it came out but atlast as of know I do not think it has been released. It just needed a 4 player mode and more vechiles to work with. After no update Pelfet came out with Comet Crash which is why I pruched it. It is a good game.

The difference is that you can not trasnform into a robot and attack the other troops. also there is more types of vechiles to build in Comet Crash. The computer starts off with troops already and there is not CPU ship. There is still room for growth. I am hopping for some DLC to fill in the void.

I am not sure as I have not played but the premeter is small much too small and I do not know about 4player but it would be vastly too small for 4 people.

For the price of 9.00 it is very inexpensive. I would have tough prefered a bigger more developed game for more money. I can only hope that enough people bought it for an expanction.