Steam Release- Better anti-cheat?

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I know, Counterstrike hasn't been hacker-free either but i'm really hoping that steam will provide a more thorough anti-cheat system. Is there any information on this? I liked Combat Arms when it first came out but when there are adds for buying hacks right on the game's website, you know you're in for some frustration. After being insta-knifed or having my ctf match ended by some idiot with a teleport hack for the 100th or so time, I finally gave up on it. If it's fixed, I'll try it out again. Though, it'll really need to impress me in order to steal my time from Blacklight and it's superior graphics.

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Combat Arms is a great modern First-person Shooter that is fairly competitive in the free-to-play shooter market. It offers a dozen of different game modes, hundreds of weapons, variedly themed maps and a rich variety of customization options, all of which combine to provide a great, intense experience.