Basically, the same as last year but it is still a great game.

User Rating: 8 | College Hoops 2K8 PS2
Well this is a great game. It is essentially the same as last year other than the 6th man(doesnt seem to effect anything) and the cell phone bars meter. 1 thing i dont like is the ratings, they kind of gave everyone low ratings even the players who we knew would be dominant like Chris Douglas Roberts, Drew Neitzel. I understand the freshman but not these dudes. The thing with layups is a lot better but there is too many misses on 5 foot shots and putbacks. The players look nothing like there real life counterpart but i guess thats not important. I dont understand why we can play in the pre game on the next gen and not in here or why there is no video at halftime. The developers definitely ignored the little schools like UTEP. The dunks seem to have no variety to about 5 of them they have and no changes to legacy mode but recruiting seems to be a little better. I would pick it up if you dont have a next gen console like myself. Dont listen to the haters about this game.