A wonderfull rally racer. Will literally suck the hours away. Perfect as an introduction to the driving genre.

User Rating: 8.8 | Colin McRae Rally (Value Series) PS
Colin McRae is a scottish Rally Driver who although not a very succesfull rally career has lent his name to the greatest rally game series on earth!

Although it sounds boring and looks dull its a very good game when you put it in the playstation. The point of a rally race is to race through checkpoints on a length of road all over the world. CMR has a great variety of tracks and cars but for a casual gamer the amount will seem overwhelming (fortunately im not a 'casual gamer')but for anyone willing to stick to it its a gem. If its your first racing game then there is a training mode for you to try which includes a dirt track, figure of eight and skid pan (and a few more) which you must do certain things to win. Its very instuctive and makes the overall game a lot easier to play.

Very dull but then again certain tracks have very beautifull scenery.

Engines and a very dull dude telling you the directions. A bit dissapointing.

A great opportunity for playstation owners to sink there teeth into the driving genre, just be prepared to stick to it!