Lacks a Lot

User Rating: 3 | Colin McRae Rally (Value Series) PS
Colin McRae, the branded game. Branded games don't normally deliver and that is true yet again in this mediocre game. The game play is good and difficult enough but the graphics are a let down. The in game tutorial is good and informative and totally optional. There is a good range of cars and they are detailed enough so you know it's not just a brick. You can change your tires before each rally and it is classic time trial rally races. The terrain is varied from snow to tarmac to dirt. The whole idea of rallying as Colin McRae isn't as cracked up as it seams because it's just a car but if you like a Scottish rally car driver called Colin McRae this game will be great for you. The particle effects work here but that is just about it. Don't accept to find anything that is great not everything is going to be good because this game is dead awful.