Colin McRae Rally is a dawn of a new style of Rally racing on the home console. Great handling and physics force the . .

User Rating: 6.6 | Colin McRae Rally (Value Series) PS
Colin Mcrae is probably a name few people have heard. At the time of this games release he was a well known celebrity in the Rally World, and he worked with Codemasters (creators of Toca, another great racing title) to bring a realistic rally racer to the home console. As with prevous rally racers, most of the usual modes are to be found here, arcade, versus and the rest, and a fantastic World campaign. Utilising 6 stages each from a pool of 8 countries, there is variety to be found in the environments. However, there is little variety in the cars themselves, although all the major cars are represented. You can only choose to play as Colin McRae himself, although you can choose the car to drive. As it is in real rally racing, you are the only one on track. This means that there is no jostling for position with other cars, which may turn off some players who are used to fighting it out for position with other AI vehicles. However, this has freed up some power for the game engine, and the game is better for it. The textures are occasionaly rough and there is a little clipping, but by and large, the game looks good. Sound is also implemented well, with Nicky Grist (Colin McRae's real life co-pilot) warning you of ahead dangers. A simple but interesting menu, and great controls round out this game. The controls is what really makes this game stand out, with the car having close to real life steering. The fact that you are off-road puts a real onus on the player to drive well. However, there is a great tutorial that you can take at any time which should have you driving well fast. This game may turn off racing pugilists for its hard challenge, and lack of racing against opponents. Its well worth a try though, and is a great attempt from Codemasters at trying something new.