The gameplay is quite realistic, and the difficulty can vary, from very easy to very hard. Nice graphics, and good sound

User Rating: 8.5 | Colin McRae Rally 04 PC
Colin McRae Rally 04 is no doubt the best game in series. Gamers can choose between 6 different championships, or just try to make the best times in each track, with or without ghost run.
As gamers win championships, new and better cars are being unlocked.
The gameplay can be quite realistic, as one of the championships, only lets you have the cockpit view, and the damage made to the car is extreme. Talking about damage, the car can be fix, but not always completely. The player have certain time bonus to fix the car, but if that time bonus is overlimited, penalties are at hand.
As to graphics, they are very good, not great. The sound is sublime as you can have the co-pilot voice giving hints, which can be quite handy.
So CMR 4 is a game I really recommend to all racing type fans, or just a ordinary fan that want to spend a good time with a good game.