Cold War Cheats For PC

  1. Useful codes (Demo Version)

    Press enter during gameplay, then input

    Effect Effect
    O God Mode
    I Invisibility
    L Unknown

    Contributed by: Robbie Kennedy, Roguesquad6 

  2. God Mode/Upgraded Weapons

    Press Enter and type the following code. Note: Cannot be disabled.

    Effect Effect
    *koenigstiger* God Mode and Upgraded Weapons

    Contributed by: Roguesquad6 

Cold War Cheats For Xbox

  1. Cheat Codes

    Pause the game (Start) then enter these codes. When a code is correctly entered, you'll see a green flash. Unpause the game and the code will take effect.

    Effect Effect
    X, White, Y, Black, Y All items, gadgets, tech points
    X, White, Y, Black, D-pad Left Invulnerability toggle
    X, White, Y, Black, X Win current level

    Contributed by: Cold NRG