Cogs offers one thing, but does it well: a three dimensional twist on an old-school game mechanic.

User Rating: 7.5 | Cogs PC
Cogs adds a third dimension to a puzzle style that's been around for far longer than video games have existed. The game has you solving "Sliding Puzzle" type levels throughout the entire game. There are plenty of interesting ways the game developers have done it however, including some puzzles that must be solved using opposite sides of the same board. You'll have to look at all pieces on the front and back and they must all work together to solve the puzzle properly.

However, like I said, it's all that same old style of game play just presented in some really interesting three dimensional ways.

There's very little more to it than that, you'll need to beat some of the puzzles within a certain time limit or under a certain amount of moves to unlock and beat every puzzle. But after I got through a few the game play started to wear thin with me. Your mileage may vary.