If you love sliding puzzles then you will greatly enjoy the new dimension Cogs adds. If not, it can easily grow tedious.

User Rating: 7 | Cogs PC
Gameplay: 3/5
+ If you're familiar with the Fifteen Puzzle where you slide tiles to form a pattern, then you can easily understand how this game works. What makes this game fun and interesting is the variations upon a standard sliding puzzle it introduces. In some levels you go beyond one flat plane and must solve a number of puzzles at once using different dimensions. In some levels the shape you are allowed to rotate in is odd and more challenging than a basic square. In some levels you have to turn gears in the right order. In some levels you have to turn gears to hit chimes at the right moment to play a specific tune. I have to admit that the number of variations and the puzzles they've created based upon these variations are refreshing enough to keep you from growing bored.
The problem in general was that in the end it's still just a sliding puzzle. If you're a real big fan of these then by all means you should love this game. I, on the other hand, am not really crazy for them so there did reach a point where I just wanted to stop before finishing all the levels. And to be honest, the very late levels grow extremely difficult and takes a lot of effort to even attempt. Again, if you're up for a challenge then you might enjoy this, but I personally grew tired of it.

Story/Presenation (N/A)
+ Just a puzzle game here. No story.

Graphics: 3.5/5
+ Nothing spectacular, but good enough to get the puzzles done. They handle the job of sliding puzzles in three dimensions rather well and in general the camera is not hard to maneuver, which is an accomplishment.

Value: 4/5
+ I played about 8 hours before stopping, with a handful of puzzles staying incomplete. Which is a fair amount of time to play, and if you actually stick with it and finish all of the puzzles then you will easily break 10 hours. What's nice is that each puzzle has a time challenge and number of moves challenge. You can earn these rewards separately, but if you complete both at the same time then you get full credit on the level. So there's another motivation to go back and beat the levels. Also, once you complete the level you unlock two bonus challenges where you have to solve a similar puzzle in a set time frame, or solve a similar puzzle in a set number of moves. So in the end there is a lot to do in this game but you really have to have the proper enthusiasm for sliding games in order to appreciate it fully.