Some challenge and interesting design

User Rating: 7.5 | Cogs PC
Simple to understand and provides a bit of a challenge, but won't hold your attention forever. Cogs isn't the best puzzle game and it doesn't have the greatest mechanics. It does however provide a small distraction with several puzzles and 3 play modes. The Normal Puzzle, Time trials, and Movement trials. Each challenge you complete awards you up to 10 stars, if you do perfect. The puzzles come in several varieties with mixes of gears and pipes.

The design of each puzzle ranges from a flat plane to jack in the box contraptions and rocket ships. The diverse Puzzle types help to mix up the play style but the types do repeat every now and then.

It wont win any awards for being revolutionary but if your a fan of puzzles and want to spend a couple of hours solving simple contraptions, than this game is for you.