Don't Expect Much

User Rating: 5 | Coffin Dodgers PS4

I picked this up on sale for $6.00CDN knowing full well that I wasn't getting Mario Kart.

Sometimes a budget game will speak to you and say buy me and that's what happened here, although I only heeded the call when the price was reduced and so should you unless you have coin falling out of your backside.

First thing, there's no online. But there is up to 4 player split screen - you don't see that very often.

On the single player side, you get a story mode, quick race, time trial and an open world mode that has a mode called Crazy Granddad (where you collect items) and explore (where you just drive around).

In the story mode you get a choice of characters, you play a series of cups and then you have a final match with Death. It doesn't take long to finish and as you play you get coins and you can upgrade your scooter. Once you finish the story mode, you can play a story mode as Death and get a new ending.

Biggest problem I guess is that once you level up your scooter, you're pretty much guaranteed to win. It's pretty easy and there's not option to select the AI difficulty. There's an option to reset your upgrades if you want to play without them but there's no trophy for that.

From what I've played, you will have to play the story mode three times to unlock all the trophies. There's a trophy for getting all the scooter upgrades and I found I wasn't able to get all the coins needed until around half way through the third play of the story mode.

The game plays okay. I noticed only minor slow down when there was lots of rockets on the screen but it was nothing. Most of the courses consist of tight turns but its not annoying.

I didn't notice any rubber banding on the part of the AI and once you got ahead of them, you could stay ahead of them and even lap them.

An option to disable the power ups would have been nice but that's not offered.

You get the impression that the people who made this game could have done something more special if they had more time and money but as it stands, it feels like a budget PS2 game but I still had some fun with it.

The game does have some charm I'll give it that. After my first race Death pops up and says "When I get your soul, it's going to hell."

Beach Buggy Racing is still a superior Mario Kart style game for the PS4 and I'd recommend that over this if you just have to have a budget racer for your PS4.