Despite its many notable flaws, Codename Eagle is a refreshing, fun game with lots of multiplayer opportunities.

User Rating: 7 | Codename Eagle PC
Codename Eagle is an old game, and I like it alot, despite its drawbacks.
I've had alot of multiplayer fun with my friends, I've even made some of my own levels.

You could say CE is the mother of the Battlefield series because, well, it is.
It's from the same guys that made the Battlefield series, and it isn't hard to tell.
The game alone might be bad, but with some patches, maps and mods to download, I've had alot of fun.
There are many bugs and glitches, and the gameplay is just goofy, in a good way. Like if you hop out of a plane and land you get disintegrated and your body explode into meat-chunks and a splishy-splashy blood sound plays.
It's hilarious.
I've downloaded many maps like racing tracks, battlefields and some pretty weird maps that are just ingenious.

Codename Eagle is old, and very ugly. The draw distance reach fairly far, the rest is covered in fog.
The game might be hard to recommend by now, but to me CE is a little classic gem that is very underappreciated because CE was ahead of its time with large levels and a massive battles including tanks, cars, trucks, airplanes, and lots more with mods like helicopters, bigger airplanes, smaller airplanes etc.

Despite the abysmal singleplayer campaign, Codename Eagle is for me a classic LAN game that I can easily pick up with a few friends on a weekend for a couple of hours of mayhem.