Its an OK game

User Rating: 6.5 | Coded Arms: Contagion PSP
I just picked this game up for no reason thought it was good, some how its a pretty nice game, gameplay is nice too, the only reason why I picked this game up because it has Online capabilities and I wanted to play a PSP game online unfortunately there was only 3 people online and was really difficult finding my opponent. The game has some nice weapons, I still don't believe why I bought this game, god i'm stupid I was going to buy Grand Theft auto why... didn't I anyways its an ok game really. As Aaron Thomas said " Upgrade system is pretty neat & Has online play"

*Boring story, level design, and combat
*Bland visuals
*Online play isn't very good
*Upgrade system, while neat, is flawed.

I totally agree with Aaron I still don't know why I bought seriously I think i'm going to trade it in which is really a stupid idea but hey I think I would be better off buying some yugioh cards. If you want to try this game rent it first.

Thats right I remember why I bought this game, I was bored no wonder!